Giant Gazillion Palm Bubble Juggler

AGES 3yr and up
Item #36243

Product Description

Create massive bubbles at the push of a button with the Giant Gazillion Palm Bubble Juggler! This special device and specially formulated bubble solution produce bigger bubbles than ever before. Simply pour Giant Gazillion Bubble Solution into the provided tray, strap the Palm Bubble Juggler to your hand, dip the wand into the solution, and push the button to blow truly GIANT bubbles that you can make hover with the fan! The Palm Bubble Juggler includes a 4 oz bottle of non-toxic Giant Gazillion Bubble Solution. 2 AAA batteries required, not included. Appropriate for ages 3 years and up.

Giant Gazillion Palm Juggler, and 4 oz. Solution.
Solution may separate, mix before use.

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